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Misdemeanor Sentencing Chart

misdemeanor sentencing chartWhat Is a Felony and What Is the Range of Penalties?

The State of Arizona follows the mandatory sentencing guidelines when it comes to felony convictions. This means that when determining a sentence, the Judge will look at certain factors to see what range the crime falls into.

The law for all first time non-dangerous offenses can be found at A.R.S. 13-702, 13-902.

general crimes sentencing ranges chartTo understand the chart, you need to know the terms listed. The Class row is from 2-6. This means that this chart applies for all first time non-dangerous offenses ranging from class 2 felonies to class 6, with a class 2 being the most severe on this chart.

The “P” in the middle stands for presumptive term, which is where a sentencing judge will start. To the left of the Presumptive term is the MIT (Mitigated) and MIN (Minimum). TO the right of the Presumptive is MAX (Maximum) and AGG (Aggravated). The sentencing judge has discretion on whether to sentence above or below the presumptive term.