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At Lelli Law Firm, we know that losing someone you love to someone else's negligence or recklessness is horrifying. We also believe that you shouldn't be dealing with insurance companies or medical bills during these difficult times. That is why hiring an attorney who cares about you and your family's representation and will advocate for you can relieve some stress. Various expenses arise out of wrongful death; if you are the spouse, child, parent, or guardian of someone who has passed due to someone's else negligence, we can help. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and are here to serve you.

Seek justice for your loved one's untimely death. We're ready to advise you during this difficult time.

If your loved one has died due to someone else’s negligence, we are truly sorry about your loss.  At Lelli Law Firm, we understand what it is like to deal with the aftermath of a serious accident.  We understand that this time is extremely emotional and can be stressful. That is why we at  Lelli Law Firm want to take care of the entire process for you, so you can focus on healing and coping with the loss of your loved one. 

In Arizona, wrongful deaths are governed by Arizona Revised Statutes Section 12-611, 12-612,  and 12-613. These three sections explain the basics of wrongful death: when a lawsuit can occur, who can file suit and what damages may be awarded. 

A wrongful death cases can be two different types of cases, an estate claim and/or survivor’s claim. An estate claim is presented on behalf of the deceased party’s estate. A survivor’s claim is dictated by statute and that will limit who can make a claim for the loss of a loved one.  

Compensation for an Injury  

No amount of money will ever be able to compensate you for your loss, but we can at least try and hold the individuals involved accountable for their actions and the harm caused.  

Arizona awards compensation for damages based on the rule of comparative negligence.  Comparative negligence means that a jury will determine what role both parties played in causing the accident. For example, if you filed a claim for $10,000 and it was determined that you were 20 percent at fault for causing the accident, you would be awarded $8,000. Not all accidents result in a lawsuit, most will result in a settlement. Most of the time the insurance company is eager to resolve the case and does not want to go through a trial process.  

In a personal injury claim, you are entitled to receive compensation for your economic damages, Special Damages, which can include medical bills, lost wages, inability to earn future income, and damages to your vehicle. In addition, you may be able to receive compensation for noneconomic damages, general damages, such as injuries, pain and suffering, death, inability to comfort loved ones or publicly socialize as before the accident.  

Statute of Limitations in Arizona  

Arizona law requires victims of personal injury accident to file a claim within two years after the accident occurred or when a hidden injury was first discovered. Don’t wait talk to an experienced attorney to evaluate your claim. If you wait to file a claim outside the two-year limit, you will not be allowed to pursue your claim.